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About Our Firm

Our corporation has proudly served clients for over 40 years.

Our firm provides a full range of accounting and tax services including preparation of individual tax returns, business returns, trust returns, estate returns, from the simple return to the very complex return. Tax services also include tax planning throughout the year to minimize taxes on an ongoing proactive basis. We integrate the corporate, personal and trust tax planning to maximize the overall tax savings for our clients with multiple tax entities.

We are well connected in the business community and can help you build a team to advance your cause. When you need an attorney, pension administrator, financial planner, appraiser, real estate broker, trust specialist, life insurance advisor etc., we can help you with your search.

Corporate Name Change

You may have noticed that our corporation has a new name.

Nothing else will change other than the name. Our location, contact information and our employees all remain the same. Robert Manton, who is passionate about accounting and tax services will continue to serve his clients and is honored to do so.

In 2016 we begin the process of changing our corporate name to Manton CPA Accountancy Corporation, formerly McNally & Manton CPA’s, Inc. In April 2017 we received approval for the name change from the state.

The name change was done to remove McNally from the firm name. As you may recall Tim McNally threw in the towel and started his retirement phase out at the end of 2014. The name change was part of his retirement phase-out process.

The biggest change you will notice is prettier binders on our financial statements and tax returns. Other than that, all else remains the same.